Video: Man calls bank robbery suspect's bluff -

Video: Man calls bank robbery suspect's bluff

CALIFORNIA – A man picked the wrong bank to rob. He walked into a bank in Orange County with his hand inside a plastic bag, claiming to have a gun, but a customer inside called his bluff.

Herb Pearce said he clocked the bank robbery suspect and was lucky the man was bluffing and did not have a gun. Pearce held him in the bank until police arrived.

He explained why he chose to fight back.

“I’m barely scraping by, and I’ll be darned if some junkie is gonna come off the street and take it from me. I put too many hours to get that tiny paycheck, so I’m not gonna let him take my money,” he said.

Pearce hurt his hand during the struggle, but has no regrets. And while police don’t recommend you do what he did, they are still calling him a hero.

The suspect was arrested right there.

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