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Local contractors point fingers while customers wait for refunds

 (KMOV) – After getting one excuse after another, a storm victim called News 4’s Chris Nagus who tracked down the contractor who disappeared without doing the job.

Bill Pappademos of South County said he paid Cannon Builders and Remodelers in February to  replace his storm-damaged roof, gutters and A/C unit.

He paid them $2,587.62 for work they never did. Rob Cannon owns the business and agreed that he owes Pappademos.

He also pointed the finger at a guy named Richard Steffan. Pappademos said he only dealt with Steffan once, over the phone.

“When I called the third time to cannon builders, and says I’m Richard Steffan? Yes. He said he was the bulldog of the company and assured me the work was going to be done,” said Pappademos.

Cannon said Steffan is a former business associate who convinced Cannon to open a branch office in New Jersey to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Cannon said, “100 percent Richard Steffan’s idea, he pushed for it.”

Cannon said St. Louis deposits were funneled to projects in the northeast.

Steffan told News 4’s Chris Nagus New Jersey was Cannon’s idea and that he’s being used as a scapegoat.

“My take is Rob is not telling the truth that Rob is responsible for Cannon Builders and the problems that are there,” Steffan said.

Both men point the finger at each other. Canon made similar complaint about Steffan to the Better Business Bureau which launched its own investigation into Steffan. The investigation cited Steffan’s previous business ventures which ended in bankruptcy and lawsuits.

Both men previously worked for a man who’s been the focus of a News 4 Investigation, Patrick Richard.

Both men worked in sales at All Seasons Contracting. That company is accused of disappearing with homeowner deposits totaling into the tens of thousands.

Cannon and Steffan left the company. Steffan told Nagus the only person to blame at All Seasons - is Patrick Richard.

And when it comes to Cannon Builders and Remodelers, he blames Rob Cannon.

“Now here I am being dragged into this with zero proof, zero proof.  I'm sitting here holding the bag I owe over &36,000 to homeowners I have to get completed, because your name is on it not his? His name is never on anything,” said Cannon.

As for homeowners like Bill Pappedemos, he's tired of excuses.  Since he's never been paid back, he can't afford to fix his home, which continues to get worse.

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