Suspicious man spotted taking photos of kids playing in Belleville -

Suspicious man spotted taking photos of kids playing in Belleville

 (KMOV) –Belleville, Illinois residents were on edge and on high alert after a report of a suspicious man taking pictures of kids playing in their front yard was spotted.

The kids’ grandmother called police and those officers have confirmed to News 4 that the incident happened on the 200 block of Brookmont Drive.

Police say the man apparently walked up toward the kids, snapped pictures and took off.

“We used to be able to just let them go out and play with the neighborhood kids but now we have to have somebody out here all the time with them,” said Becky Weis.

The kids, ages eight and ten, ran inside to tell their grandmother after the incident Wednesday afternoon. By the time she got outside, the man had driven away.

“Our little girl is scared she doesn't quite know what to think about it she just wants him caught so it doesn't happen to anybody else,” said Wies.

Neighbors tell News 4 they think the same man, in the same silver car or truck, also took pictures of kids playing basketball.

“You know the kids that are all running around and you know a lot of the people so if you see someone out of place it will stick out,” said Ken Bengtson.

Police could only confirm one suspicious incident that happened in that neighborhood. Authorities notified area schools and communities even though they can’t truly say if a crime was committed.

The man taking pictures was described as being between 40 to 60-years-old with short hair, perhaps balding. He was seen in a silver car or truck.

If you see anything or know anything, Belleville Police would like to hear from you.

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