Denver bus GPS system sparking interest nation-wide -

Denver bus GPS system sparking interest nation-wide

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( -- About 25 million students ride school buses every day.

Now some schools are using technology to bring parents some peace of mind in case somethng goes wrong.

When students ride the school bus in Denver, they scan on - and scan off. 

That logs them into a new GPS system so the schools can track the whereabouts of every child. By the end of the year, parents will be able to access the system from home. It offers relief to parents like Kanesha McBath,  whose daughter once got on the wrong bus.

“I panicked,” she said. “I cried”

Kristy Armstrong with Denver Public Schools said the new system allows school administrators to provide answers when students aren’t where they are expected.

“Did my student make it on the bus? Are they at school? Has the bus arrived at the stop yet? Schools can now answer that very accurately,” she said.

So far the program is getting rave reviews.

So much so that calls are coming in from around the country about how to implement it.

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