Shelter residents stalled in getting federal paperwork for housi -

Shelter residents stalled in getting federal paperwork for housing during shutdown

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 (KMOV) -- Gateway180 is the only homeless shelter in St. Louis that keeps any combination of families together.

Not only are the organizers concerned on how much longer they can feed the children, parents tell me they are worried too.

The people who stay at the shelter only have a certain amount of time to get the federal documents they need to move into a home and not back on the streets.

“It really hurts my feelings because it feels like the government they’re not thinking about our feelings,” said a mother of two who lives at the shelter.

The mother has 90 days to collect 12 government documents so that she can move her family into transitional housing. She cannot get the papers because of the shutdown.

News 4’s Brittany Noble asked the mother, “In 90 days your time is up and if you don’t have your documents what happens? I don’t know but I don’t want to find out,” said the mother.

The shelter is serious about only giving families 90 days to move out. 15,000 people apply for the program each year but only 2,000 are accepted.

All of the programs at Gateway180 are connected to federal grants. If lawmakers cannot come to a compromise soon, some people who stay and work at the shelter may have to start looking for help somewhere else.

“The agency has enough reserves to make it one or two more weeks. We’re dependent on receiving grant money that keeps food on the table, keeps our rents and utilities paid and keeps our employees working,” said Mike Stokes, Gateway180 Chairman of the Board.

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