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Oregon man lives in real-life 'Hobbit Hole'

JOSEPH, Ore. -- One man in Wallowa County found an easy and economical way to get away from it all: He gave up years of mortgage payments and stress to move into a "Hobbit hole."

Dan Price built his home in the side of a hill in the town of Joseph. And he said it only cost him $75.

The 8-foot by 4-foot hole has electricity and an Internet connection. Price said it all comes down to simplicity.

“By questioning every single thing--the refrigerator, the TV, the closet full of clothes, the furniture--it was so exciting to, one by one, remove those things and sit there and go, 'What's going to happen now? Am I going to, like, die?'" Price explained.

Thanks in part to the tiny living quarters, Price says he lives on just $5,000 a year.

But he admitted he doesn't stay in the hole during harsh winters. Instead, he goes to Hawaii and surfs.

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