Seth Maness continues to be Cardinals double play specialist -

Seth Maness continues to be Cardinals double play specialist

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) -- It's getting to the point now where this is just flat out comical.  Whenever Cards reliever Seth Maness comes into a game with runners on base every single person in the stands knows exactly what he's going to throw.  Everyone knows exactly what he's trying to do.

Yet he's now done it 15 times...and counting. 

In the 6th inning of Game 4 of the NLCS against the Dodgers, Maness relieved starter Lance Lynn with a runner on 1st base (Yasiel Puig).  Juan Uribe was at the plate with one out and the whole world knew Maness was coming in to try and coax a ground ball for a potential double play.

On the third pitch, right on cue, ground ball to shortstop Pete Kozma.

"At first I was thinking force out because I saw (Kozma) going to his right then all of a sudden (Matt Carpenter) went to first and that was the icing on the cake," Maness said.

That's 15 double plays he's induced this season.  How does he keep doing this?

"I just try and keep it down in the zone and locate," Maness replied. 

Simple enough, I suppose.  The interesting storyline in that crucial play in the 6th is that it was turned by Matt Carpenter who is in his first season as a second baseman.  Earlier in the year, who knows if he makes that play.  But now, he has a full season of experience under his belt.

"Every day it gets better and better.  It's the postseason now.  Those things have to get turned.  I'm just going out there trying to make plays for my team," Carpenter said.

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