Man claims Brooklyn Police swindled him out of hundreds in tow s -

Man claims Brooklyn Police swindled him out of hundreds in tow scam

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 (KMOV) – A St. Louis County man is furious after police towed his car away then charged him hundreds to get it back.

The man went so far as to say the city of Brooklyn, Illinois is running a scam. He told News 4’s Julian Johnson, an officer wanted $675 in cash to get his car back.

If he didn’t hand over the money by a certain time, he was told, the fee would double.

“It has to be a scheme because not only was I getting my car towed but so were others probably in the tens or twenties,” he said.

Not wanting to show his face, the north St. Louis County man claims Brooklyn officers are scammers with a badge.

“The officer actually told my wife I'm here until eight this morning if you want your car, just come and see me is that procedure,” he said.

On Saturday night, his car was parked along Washington Street where there were visible “No Parking” signs and pay for park options nearby.

The man said he was not in the wrong, either way the cops towed his car claiming it was illegally parked in a residential zone.

Brooklyn Police Chief Tony Tomlinson told News 4 anyone who gets their car towed must pay the city that release fee.

Other cities like Fairview Heights, Washington Park and Centrevillle have similar laws and prices.

Tomlinson said the city fee won’t go up but the tow company may charge more if the car is slow to be picked up.

It’s not a scam everything is in black and white our ordinances are posted,” said Chief Tomlinson.

He added that the money collected goes back into the city’s general operating fund and not the department’s own account. 

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