Shutdown protesters rally outside local state representative's o -

Shutdown protesters rally outside local state representative's office

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 (KMOV) – The outrage over the government shutdown is increasing by the day and about 40 protestors marched in front of Representative Ann Wagner’s office in Ballwin Tuesday afternoon.

Members of several unions, U.S. Veterans and concerned citizens turned out and no matter what their background, there was a common theme.

“I’m very frustrated.. Yeah, I don’t understand how such a small number of people can have so much control,” said protestor Tamara Williams-Reding. She is a licensed health care professional who heard about the protest on Facebook.

"I am furious they tried to link the ACA to the budget,” said Williams-Reding. "I’ve lost it.  I hear people say things in the media and I can't believe they said that... I’m calling people in Texas I don't even know where they are at in Texas... I’ve call both senators McCaskill and Blunt, I've emailed the President asking him to stand strong."

Rich Brown is one of those directly affected by the shutdown. “I’ve been furloughed basically and I was sequestered before that,” Brown said.

While he said the shutdown is personally damaging he is focused on bigger issues. “I particularly worry about all the inspections that are not getting done; all the mine inspectors, all the food inspectors, all the bridge inspectors and all the people who inspect clean air and water. This is not good for anybody,” said Brown.

Protestors also voiced concern over benefits held up to veterans and the potential damage that might be caused to the U.S. and global economy if the country defaults on its debt. 

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