Painters scam St. Charles residents to pay for curb-side service -

Painters scam St. Charles residents to pay for curb-side services they don't need

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 (KMOV) – Officials issue a warning for a scam in St. Charles County which involves painters coming door-to-door telling homeowners that they need to have their address numbers painted on the street or face fines.

An O’Fallon, Mo. Spokesperson said fliers are showing up in neighborhoods that look official. The fliers are telling residents they need to have their house number painted on the curb for first responders. It said to leave $10 cash in an envelope and crews will return to paint the numbers and collect the cash.

One city official with O’Fallon said it’s not just O’Fallon that is seeing this problem; it’s happening in other cities around St. Charles County as well.

“It's definitely not something that we want. It's not something we need and in no way is it required,” said Tom Drabelle with the city of O’Fallon.

The city stopped short of calling it a scam because crews do paint the curbs.

"But it's certainly misleading in the way they market it saying first-responders want them to do this,” said Gabriel Helms, a firefighters in St. Louis County. He said the numbers on the curb are of little use to fire crews.

“If it's on the same side of the street as the truck it's hard if not impossible to see the numbers on the curb cause you're right next to's always better to have big bold pronounced numbers on the house,” said Helms.

News 4 asked Drabelle for the name of the company but that is another issue, there is no name of a company listed on the fliers.

No company name, dealing in cash, misleading the public’ all good reason to avoid doing business with them and curbs are actually city property.

“Technically its city property and painting on city property could be considered vandalism," said Drabelle

The city of O’Fallon said if residents receive the notice, the best thing to do is to just throw it away. 

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