Dodgers' Nolasco plans on starting Game 4 -

Dodgers' Nolasco plans on starting Game 4

(BaeballStL) -- Dodgers' Game 4 starter, Ricky Nolasco, never got a chance to pitch in the NLDS against the Braves because manager Don Mattingly decided to bring back ace Clayton Kershaw on short rest.

Now that the Dodgers are behind in this series against the Cardinals, one would think it's natural there's a chance Mattingly will pull a fast one before Tuesday's game begins and swap Nolasco out for someone like Zack Greinke.

Is something like that possibility on Nolasco's mind?

"No. Last I heard I was pitching," Nolasco said. "I actually haven't even thought about not pitching. We'll see what happens but like I said before those decisions are up to them and whatever they decide to do is best for the team I'll be ready to do it."

Sticking with the 30-year old could be a smart move on the Dodgers part. Nolasco faced the Cardinals twice this season (once with Miami before getting traded to Los Angeles) and was outstanding in those game.

He went 2-0 with a 0.75 ERA, giving up just one earned run in 12 innings. Cardinals hitters batted just .222 against him and struck out nine times during those games.

"The more you see a team the better it is, obviously, whether the results are good or bad," Nolasco said. "You get to know what adjustments you have to make if they are on you or what things you want to keep doing if you do have success against them.

"I just try to stay level about it no matter if you do good or bad against a team. It doesn't mean anything as far as how you're going to do against them the next time whether it's regular season or postseason," Nolasco said.

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