Cards' Beltran on Jay: A center fielder has to make that play -

Cards' Beltran on Jay: A center fielder has to make that play

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) -- In a series where one mistake can mean the difference between winning and losing, the Cardinals blinked first in Game 3 against the Dodgers.  It was in the fourth inning when Mark Ellis hit what should be have been an easy fly ball to deep center field.

But instead of getting caught by Jon Jay, the ball fell between him and right fielder Carlos Beltran.  Ellis ended up scoring the first run of the game that inning on a double from Adrian Gonzalez.

Jay did not comment after the game but Beltran did for him.

"That ball should be caught. As a center fielder you got to be able to make that play," Beltran said of Jay. 

"I was going after the baseball but, more importantly, looking over at Jay. He was almost there and I went to back him up the ball just fell. I think (Jay) hesitated. That's a play where as a center fielder - and I was a center fielder before - you have to take charge. I think he knows that," Beltran said.

Jay has had a rough NLCS all around.  He's 1-10 at the plate and has made some poor plays defensively, including one in Game 1 that nearly cost the Cardinals the game.

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