Farmers facing tough times because of government shutdown -

Farmers facing tough times because of government shutdown

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- The farmers who provide our food are starting to hit some tough times – both from the shutdown itself and because Congress is too busy to pass a new farm bill.

No new farm bill means the government did not make any deficiency payments this month to farmers.

That money is part of the Food Insurance Program that helps keep some farmers in business.

Now some of those same farmers are worried about cattle inspectors being furloughed.

“If they furlough the meat inspectors for the cattle industry, it will be disastrous,” said farmer Aaron Looney.

“I’m gonna continue doing everything what I normally do,” farmer Ben Wible said, “I’m gonna plant oats tomorrow and wheat next week like I normally do.”

And these aren’t the only problems facing farmers. They are also waiting for disaster insurance payments from the USDA to cover losses from events like the drought in Texas.

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