Scouting report: quick stats on Zach Greinke -

Scouting report: quick stats on Zach Greinke

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) -- Zach Greinke faces the Cardinals for only the second time this season. For fans that may have missed that game, here's some quick info on the Dodger hurler. 


Greinke seems to have only two weak spots in the order. Apart from the 3 hitter, (.303) and the 6 hitter (.329) no other order spot hits anywhere near .300. The closest is the fifth spot, and that's .239. 

His worst average is in the first 24 pitches of the game, where opponents hit .255 against him. Once he gets to the 51-75 range, he's in his groove, holding hitters below a .200 average. 

If he gets above 75, he's hittable again (.255) but if he's cruising don't expect to hit him when he gets above 100 pitches. He holds hitters to a .189 average.

Greinke does best with run support. Of his 15 wins this year, seven came when the Dodgers scored 3-5 runs, and six when they scored six or more. He only won two games when the Blue scored two or less. 

His fifth innings are the diciest, where hitters nearly reach a .300 average, but in the sixth he's right back at it, holding hitters to a .149 mark. 

As a hitter, you want to swing early. Batters that swing at the first pitch are hitting nearly 60 points higher than those who take it. 

Greinke favors low and away to lefties and righties. For righties his highest frequency pitch is low and outside, accounting for nearly 15 percent of all pitches to them. For lefties, the outside corner is most common (9.05 percent).

If you get down 0-2 or 1-2, you are in serious trouble, as batsmen plummet to .082 hitters on 1-2 and .140 hitters on 0-2. 

If hitters find themselves with two strikes, their plan will depend on whether they are righty or lefty. A righty can expect a pitch low and outside. Greinke goes to that spot more than 22 percent of the time with two strikes on a righty. 

Lefties, should look down and in, as the Dodger pitcher uses that zone 10 percent of the time with two strikes on them. 

The Cardinals are one of only three teams to hit more than .300 off Greinke this season. While the Redbirds hit .320, both the Brewers and Angels hit more than .470. 

Lastly, Gerry Davis will be the home plate umpire for Friday's game. For his career, Greinke has a strikeout to walk ratio of 2.67 when Davis is behind the plate, and teams bat .269 against him.


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