Bogus PSA call working to scheme residents across St. Louis -

Bogus PSA call working to scheme residents across St. Louis

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 (KMOV) – A local man found out the recorded messages claiming to be a public service announcement on behalf of a state agency is just another phishing scam.

The calls are going out across St. Louis so Robert Weiter decided to bait them and recorded all the calls. He works in cyber security so when his cell phone rang, he knew the number on the caller ID might not be real.

“It looked like a state number and it said this is a PSA or public service announcement from the Missouri Attorney General and Insurance Commission,” said Weiter.

Turns out, it’s not so Weiter called back and someone answered.

Weiter recorded several calls and at one point he asked if they were licensed in the state of Missouri which they said they were. The caller hung up when Weiger pushed for them to provide their broker number.

A quick search of the insurance placement center online reveals complaints from coast to coast, from area codes around the nation.

One poster said they claimed to represent the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles.

One number after another was either out of service or unavailable when News 4’s Chris Nagus dialed.

Due to the government shutdown, Nagus was unable to see if this number was flagged by the National Do Not Call Registry.

During the call, the person gives the option to press 3 to be removed from the list but don’t press three or any other number for that matter.

Earlier this year, Nagus spoke with the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office about unwanted telemarketing calls when pressing a number gives the caller exactly what they want.

“You are alerting them there is a real person on the other end of the line, you are going to get even more calls.”

Bottom line: when someone calls you out of the blue phishing for personal information never give it out.

Just last week the Missouri Department of Insurance issued a warning - telling Missourians to only provide personal information when you initiate contact with an insurance provider.



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