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Wood River officials work to reduce increase in illegal dumping

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By KMOV.com Staff By KMOV.com Staff

 (KMOV) – A city dump that was paid for with tax payer dollars is getting used illegally by outsiders looking for a free ride.

The top dogs of Wood River battle what they say is abuse of their amenities and they’ve had enough of outsider scheming.

Despite the warning signs, the city said illegal dumping is something they’re taking very seriously and are actively researching ways to stop it although it may be easier said than done.

“The problem isn't with the yard waste, it’s with the actual tree limbs and branches people are bringing in it’s just an exorbitant amount,” said Jim Schneider, City Manager.

They say they are looking at some of the policies they think have some ways to firm up the restrictions of the dump.

Currently residents need an ID with a Wood River City Address to access the dump but residents want better security measures.

“Come up with a sound solution to ease the problem so that the dumping would become proper,” said Lena Hartsock, a Wood River resident.

The dumping is an issue Schneider said the city has been dealing with for over a year and he said any clearance changes will be presented to the city council.

But no one is expecting enforcement of any changes to be easy. Hartsock said, “Yeah it would probably be very difficult I would compare it to any other type of fraud.”

Fines for illegal dumping can reach up to $500. 

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