Mother upset after daughter's bus catches fire after alerting dr -

Mother upset after daughter's bus catches fire after alerting driver of smoke

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(KMOV) --A mother wants answers from her daughter’s bus driver. She wants to know why the woman refused to stop the bus even after her kids smelled smoke.

Police were called to reports of a fire with kids inside.  National Express is the parent company of Durham services. They said one of the busses had a mechanical issue. The driver quickly pulled over and safely evacuated the students.

Tywanna Rankin has a different opinion. Her daughter's bus filled with smoke at the corner of Lynch and Ohio after school on Monday.

Kipp Inspire Academy officials said the bus was about one block from the school when the incident happened. The kids were checked out by a medical team and released.

That is not the way Rankin looks at the situation. She said the driver put her kids in danger.

“The bus filled with black smoke. They tried to exit the emergency exit, the bus driver told them no, come up here, Shut up, my life is in danger also, and proceeded to exit the bus where the smoke and fire was at the front entrance,” said Rankin.

School officials confirmed the students did exit the front of the bus, they also said they are investigating. 

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