News 4s Jeff Abeln weighs in on Rams and Blues -

News 4s Jeff Abeln weighs in on Rams and Blues

Thoughts on Rams…
Steve Spagnuolo's NFL head coaching record is 10-37, about to be 38 come Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Rams to end what's been a thoroughly disappointing season for St. Louis. 

There's really  not much more to say that hasn't been already said about this team.  As much as I think the Rams need to move on in their coaching department, I can't help but think what could have been this year.   After finishing 7-9 in 2010, I thought this team was ready to take off, but the perfect storm hit and now the season ends in disappointment after so much hype in the offseason.  But I will say this, I understand injuries happen to every team, but this would NOT be 2-13 football team if they were able to stay reasonably healthy.

So who's ready to get rid of Sam Bradford and possibly draft Andrew Luck? I'm  not, at all! I've heard fans call into talk shows and say the Rams should trade Bradford and go after Luck in the draft, come on man! The guy has limited talent around him and the people who are supposed to protect him are second and third stringers.  I'm not defending Bradford 100-percent, more than a handful of times he's overshot his receivers, or held on to the ball too long, but to give up on him now is insane.  The guy is going to be a very, very good, maybe great quarterback in this league, the Rams just need to give him a couple of explosive weapons.

As for the Blues…
I'm almost all in. 

This team under Ken Hitchcock is exciting, tough, and on its way to the playoffs.  The loss to the Red Wings Tuesday was disappointing because they should have closed it out, but stuff happens and we haven't seen this team blow games too many times during the Hitch era, so I can live with a slip-up once in a while. 

The two-goalie system is working out great.  Both goalies, Halak and Elliot are humble, down to earth guys that don't have massive egos so no one's getting their feelings hurt if they don't play that night. 

 I know Oshie and Backes are the headliners on this team, but Alex Steen is on his way to having a career year.  He currently leads the Blues with 13 goals and is tied with Backes with 24 points.  He can do everything, doesn't complain, and is humble about his success. 

There's something about playoff hockey in St. Louis and even though it hasn't been here in a few years, I expect it to return, and who knows, if healthy, and provided with a few breaks, the Blues could go deep into the postseason, but they must start with just getting in. 

By Jeff Abeln, News 4 sports

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