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Lewis Place residents still hurting from New Year's Eve tornado

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)- The Lewis Place neighborhood of north St. Louis was hit by a tornado last New Year’s Eve.  A year later, families in that neighborhood are still suffering from the damage as their homes and that entire area did not qualify for any disaster aid.

Nearly 80 homes were damaged by the tornado, and those with insurance have rebuilt and repaired.  However, some of those without insurance have yet to recover.  Unlike other areas that saw natural disaster money flow in, the recovery in Lewis Place was left up to the city, and some are still waiting for help. 

Victims of the tornado still awaiting help can’t understand why no one else recognizes the damage as a natural disaster.  The evidence along Lewis Place in north St. Louis is clear with damaged homes still covered with tarps a year later.

After FEMA denied the governor’s request for federal help, the residents were stuck with nowhere left to go besides city hall.

The process through city hall has been long and tiresome.  While federal funds are available, the process has several rules and regulations that the city must follow.  So far, only nine families have qualified for the money.


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