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Wal-Mart turns down Good Samaritans donation

(KMOV) – The popularity of using layaway during the holiday season is increasing and many “good Samaritans” are donating money to help pay off other shoppers’ layaway bills.

But a man was recently turned down by a Wal-Mart in St. Charles when he offered to donate $200 to a needy family.  The company states that it was a simple misunderstanding.
The anonymous donor admitted that he did not seek out a store manager when he was turned down by an employee.  The miscommunication might have been because customers need to present a receipt to make a payment on an account for security reasons. 
Company officials told News 4 they have accepted random layaway payments across the country including the Wal-Mart on Veterans Memorial Parkway.
The anonymous donor decided to donate the money to the United Way’s Neediest 100 Families program. 

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