Two arrested during drug and weapons bust in North County -

Two arrested during drug and weapons bust in North County

(KMOV) – While police hunted down a suspect for one crime, they got lucky with another bust.

They found thousands of dollars worth of drugs while arresting a suspected armed robber in North St. Louis County.  Now two men are in jail.

You could call this a "two-for-one special."  Police didn't expect to find a suspected drug dealer while on the hunt for a man who they say beat and robbed a pizza delivery guy.  I talked to that driver, who was relieved to find out that his accused assailant is now behind bars.
Pine Lawn police showed us 66 grams of pure cocaine.  They pulled a drug distributor off the streets who was sitting on a $5,000 profit and guns to protect it.

"It's just a sign that something else bad was going to happen," Pine Lawn Police Chief Ricky Collins said.

"Rahheem, you're already a felon, so how'd you get those guns?" I asked as police transfered him to the St. Louis County jail.

Rahheem Davis didn't want to talk to me.  He's already had run-ins with the law, but this time police came by him on accident.  They'd been searching for Aaron Washington since investigators say he beat and robbed a pizza delivery driver last Thursday night.  That driver told me that he quickly gave up the cash and couldn't understand why his attackers still beat him so badly.

"These guys were ruthless," Chief Collins said.  "They didn't have any remorse."

"Why'd you have to hurt him?" I asked Aaron Washington.  "Do you regret it?"

He didn't respond.  Chief Collins credits afternoon watch commander Cpl. Steven Blakeney with "good old-fashioned police work" in tracking Washington to Davis's home in Pagedale.  Davis consented to let police search his home for Washington, but they found far more.

"In plain view there were drugs, and from there on it became a two for one -- a residence full of drugs, full of guns and two suspects in custody," Chief Collins said.

Chief Collins says drugs are almost always connected to robberies and burglaries.  He's proud of his officers for taking two dangerous men out of the equation.

"It makes my family, your family and the public safer when you get these types of characters off the street," Chief Collins said.

Now, Davis faces five charges including three counts of Unlawful Possession of a Concealable Firearm, Trafficking and Distribution/Manufacturing a Controlled Substance.  He's jailed on a $125,000 cash-only bond.

Washington faces charges of first-degree robbery and Armed Criminal Action.  His bond is $100,000 cash only.

Police are still searching for four men they say also beat and robbed the pizza delivery driver.


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