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Women charged too much on taxes, News 4 gets it fixed

(KMOV) -- News Four got results for a North St. Louis County viewer who emailed Mark Schnyder. She thought she got a raw deal on her property taxes but it turns out, she was right but she couldn't get the tax assessor’s office to fix it.
Shirley Rucker lives in one of the 26 units of a condo complex in North St. Louis County. She did a little research and saw 25 of them had their property taxes lowered this year but not hers. Hers stayed the same.

She figured, this couldn't be right and called the tax assessor’s office but all she got were bureaucrats who either didn't know how to help her or didn't want to.  She says they told her she would just have to pay what she was billed.
Well, Mark Schnyder called the deputy assessor Sara Howard who actually went to the trouble to look into it and found out there was an oversight.  Shirley Rucker is getting 50 bucks off her $1,400 tax bill.

Rucker, a retired senior on a fixed income says she can put the money she's saving on county property taxes towards another bill.


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