BB gun shooter causes thousands of dollars of damage to Metro-East homes -

BB gun shooter causes thousands of dollars of damage to Metro-East homes

(KMOV) -- Residents of a Metro-East neighborhood are on edge after someone shot at their homes and cars with a BB gun.    

The shooters are blamed for thousands of dollars worth of damage in Meadowbrook, Illinois, which is east of Alton, and police are asking for the public's help to solve the crimes.

Police say the shooters targeted eight homes and cars. One shot landed just inches from a man standing at his window.  Neighbors say they're a menace and need to be caught.

"I saw a car going by slowly, and I walked up to the window and I had my face there, and I heard a 'pew pew' and that happened," Ross Kirkpatrick said.  "I was right in front of the window.  My face was in that center pane."

He wasn't hit, but Ross Kirkpatrick's pocketbook sure was.

"I've got a $1,000 deductible," Kirkpatrick said about the out-of-pocket money he'll have to spend right before Christmas.

In all Madison County Sheriff's detectives estimate $3,000 worth of damage in this small community.

"It just shattered," Debbie Burney said about her screen door.  "I just opened up this door and it just all came down. We'll have to get a new door, so whatever the cost of a new door is, we'll have to pay for it."

Doors, windows and cars were all hit with BBs in a weekend crime spree.

"Some of these BB guns, pellet guns are the .22 calibur type -- very similar to a rifle -- and have a large velocity and capability of shooting a projectile at a high rate of speed," Madison County Sheriff's Captain Mike Dixon said.

So who would do something like this?

"Usually it would be a group of teens," Capt. Dixon said.  "They're out in their opinion 'having a good time' -- at everyone else's expense.  But you never know. It could be someone who is out there maliciously targeting people, wanting to cause this type of problem for people."

"I don't understand why they have to do stuff like that, like they don't have anything else to do," Burney said.

"I was raised to respect people and they just don't anymore," Kirkpatrick said.  "It's wrong.  We work hard for what we've got."

Once caught the shooters face felony charges for their so-called "fun."

"I would like to send them a message," Capt. Dixon said.  "And that message is that the sheriff's department is coming to get you."

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