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Rise of mobile restaurants creates business backlash downtown

(KMOV) -- There’s a turf war in downtown St. Louis, and the weapons aren’t guns and knives…they’re knives and forks. Restaurants say mobile food trucks are cutting into their business, and the food trucks say they’re being unfairly forced out.

City rules prevent the food trucks from being within 200 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant, but the restaurants say it’s still an unfair playing field.

Food trucks vary their location from day to day, and customers in the area check online to see what food truck is nearest them on a given day.

The food trucks prefer to frequent areas with lots of office workers, and according to some of the brick-and-mortar restaurants that are not mobile, that is a problem.

Some say that stationary restaurants don’t have the luxury of being open only two hours a day, and they have to stay open during less profitable times. However, the mobile trucks say they have been forced to move at times when restaurants complain, and there are complete areas that are off limits.

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