Bengals RB inactive against former team -

Bengals RB inactive against former team

(FootballStL) -- Cincinnati Bengals running back Brian Leonard is inactive against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

Leonard played 18 games for the Rams in 2007-2008.  During his time with the Rams, he rushed for 310 yards on 88 attempts as Steven Jackson’s backup.

Leonard has spent the past three seasons with the Bengals and has rushed for 85 yards on 17 attempts in 12 games played this season.

“(Leonard) has always been a tremendous asset as a backup runner,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said.  “He has been a great asset for us on third downs and different personnel groupings and always as a contributor in different ways on special teams.  There is certain things that, he is carved out different niches that we carve out for him offensively and have just a lot of confidence in him.  When Sundays roll around he is going to answer the bell most often.”

Leonard also did not play last week against the Houston Texans due to a bruised knee.

by Scott Bierman, FootballStL
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