Make-A-Wish surprises teen with new room -

Make-A-Wish surprises teen with new room

(KMOV) -- A comfortable room is key when you're fighting the "C" word.

Kids with cancer often spend more time in their own rooms than outside or at school while going through treatment.  Just ask LaNiece Williams.  The south St. Louis 16-year-old is battling a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, which attacks the connective tissue.  When the Make-A-Wish foundation asked LaNiece to name the one thing, the one place, or the one person she wished she could have, see, or meet, she wished for a new room.  After all, it's the one place she spends the most time.

Make-A-Wish made it happen by enlisting donors from Broyhill Furniture and Rothman Furniture, plus a whole team of wish-granters to transform LaNiece's bedroom.

It came as a complete surprise!  Friday afternoon, a limousine picked up LaNiece from school and took her back to her home where her new room was unveiled.  Decked out with a new bedroom set, paint, flooring, art, window coverings and bedding, LaNiece settled right in to her chic and exotic room. 

"I feel blessed and very thankful for all who made this possible," LaNiece said.


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