Shut Down Sam Bradford -

Shut Down Sam Bradford

(News 4 Sports) -- It appears Sam Bradford will not play Sunday and I can only say, thank goodness.  He did not practice Friday and is listed as 'doubtful' for Sunday's game against the Bengals.

Although the players are still playing hard, the season is done, there's nothing to play for so the Rams need to shut Bradford down for the rest of the season. The Rams invested $72 million into him and you'd hate to see Bradford get seriously hurt or further injure his ankle just because the Rams would like to win more than two games this season; don’t jeopardize his future.

Bradford is a tough guy but he needs a break.  Mentally he is completely shot, and physically, I can't imagine how awful he feels after games. He is having a terrible sophomore year, some of that is his fault, but overall he is a much better quarterback than he's shown this season. I would advise not to give up on him.  He will come back next season, healthier, stronger, and ultimately better.  However, the Rams must put far better talent around him, or Bradford will become wasted talent himself.

by Jeff Abeln, News 4 Sports


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