Matheny admittedly "selfish" when it comes to World Baseball Classic -

Matheny admittedly "selfish" when it comes to World Baseball Classic

(BaseballSTL) Cardinals manager Mike Matheny joked that he's bound by the rules not to comment on who or what he was rooting for in last night's World Baseball Classic matchup between Puerto Rico and the United States - a game the U.S. lost 4-3.
But he is happy to have reliever Mitchell Boggs back in camp since the United States was eliminated from the tournament.  And whenever Puerto Rico is finished, whether they win it all or get knocked out, that will mean the return of OF Carlos Beltran and catcher Yadier Molina.
"I'm not going to shy away from the fact that I look forward to having our guys back," said Matheny. "(We're) trying to get them on a schedule that leads us to Opening Day. I'm excited for the fact the classic helps the game of baseball. I mean that's the business we're in and so we need to promote that.  But it's hard not to be selfish, and on the selfish side I'm concerned about our guys. I'm concerned about our team."
Matheny also says while he does not have direct contact with the individual teams in the World Baseball Classic, others in the Cardinals organization do.  So they know exactly how much their players are going to be playing and when.
Mitchell Boggs pitched just over an inning in the tournament but, according to Matheny, he threw a couple long side sessions.  That means he's not behind schedule in getting ready for the season.

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