News 4 investigates questionable charity, followed by lawmaker a -

News 4 investigates questionable charity, followed by lawmaker action

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- Last month, a News 4 investigation revealed how a man with a phony military record was targeting unsuspecting women in his money-making scheme. Now, Sen. Claire McCaskill is promoting legislation that would make it illegal to lie about military service to make a profit.

Matt Buckingham told several stories about his military service when he met with a News 4 producer, trying to recruit her to sell raffle tickets for the troops.

Buckingham said he was recruited by the Marines, served two terms in Afghanistan and currently works for the Coast Guard and Homeland Security. However, background checks with the U.S. Army, Marines, Homeland Security and the Coast Guard revealed no records of Buckingham's service.

Homeland Security officials said Buckingham never worked for their organization, and said Internal Affairs is now investigating those claims.

Under McCaskill's proposed legislation, anyone found guilty of violating the bill would face a fine and up to six months in prison.

When News 4's Chris Nagus confronted Matt about his claims and charity, he got an angry response.

"If you do this I’m going to sue you...I’m probably going to sue you for putting my name on last time,” said Buckingham.

The BBB helps track charity websites here.

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