Man buys billboard for love: 'Let's have dinner!' -

Man buys billboard for love: 'Let's have dinner!'

CORNELIUS, N.C. -- Forget the internet. Gordon Engle is using Charlotte's busiest interstates to find love.

The "40-something" divorcee said he was tired of online dating sites.

"Married women write you. You find out she has a husband and three kids, then you kind of just say, 'Well, let's just put up a billboard!'" explained Engle. That's exactly what he did.

The billboard itself is simply a photo of Engle playing the guitar with the words "...I'm Gordy. Let's have dinner." A web site is listed below it.

Engle, who goes by Gordy, said he ran the idea by his friends before dropping $5,000 on the billboards.

"From the beginning I thought it was a great idea. It's a 'Gordon idea' and I want to do everything I can to help him," said friend Jeff Charles. "I'm really amazed he doesn't have someone already."

The web site includes photos, his bio and a questionnaire for interested women. Engle admitted he spent far too much time in his early years working.

"I used to be a workaholic. I'm not anymore. I want more now," said Engle, who still runs businesses on three continents. He also has a home in Sweden and lives there part time.

Engle is confident the billboard approach will work for him.

"What a great story to tell my grandkids, right?"

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