Rockwood School District asking voters for $38 million from taxp -

Rockwood School District asking voters for $38 million from taxpayers

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The Rockwood School District is asking voters for almost $38 million in Proposition S for school safety, technology and building maintenance and upgrades. 63 percent majority in the Rockwood School District approved this measure, but the results were taken before the recent state audit.

However, some parents and taxpayers said asking for that money is a tough sell after that state audit showed the Rockwood School District overpaid $1 million to a construction company.

“It’s not that we’re against bond issues,” said Rockwood parent Eileen Tyrrell, “It’s that we’re against this one.”

But Rockwood said the district can’t afford to wait.

“There are a lot of assumptions that Rockwood is a good school district and there are a lot of assumptions about the quality of education that the kids are getting,” said parent Park Plank, “But when you start putting numbers on it and you start looking at what it costs to provide that type of education, you know it’s not free. “

Plank also said that changes have to be made and money spent in order for the school to keep pace.

“The things that have happened in the past-- have happened in the past,” said Plank, “And you can’t ignore them, but at the same time are we willing to wait until a new school board is put in place?”

Rockwood’s Chief Communications Officer Kim Cranston said Rockwood knows they will have to repay the money, but that this is a way for them to get the financing for improvement projects instead of taking the money from the operating budget.

Tyrrell thinks the district should run the phone survey again since voters have learned about the wasteful spending since the first survey.

“The school district just needs to stop and go into pause,” said Tyrrell, “No more bond issues, no more tax levies, get their house in order.”


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