Are the Rams really getting better? -

Are the Rams really getting better?

( -- Somebody needs to explain to me how the Rams are getting better, particularly on offense. That’s the side of the ball where they really needed an upgrade. Instead, we’ve seen them lose their best running back and best wide receiver in the past two days.

Steven Jackson is now an Atlanta Falcon. He’s been one of the few bright spots on offense over the past nine years.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke issued this statement upon the news of Jackson signing a three year contract with the Falcons, “For nearly a decade, Steven Jackson served as an inspiration for his St. Louis Rams teammates and our fans as he became our franchise’s all-time leading rusher. Off the field, his generosity and unselfishness improved the lives of many families in the St. Louis community. We will always be thankful for his contributions to our team and region and wish him success moving forward.”

Kroenke is right about Jackson being an inspiration for the Rams and the fans. If there was anybody more popular, or more likely to make a big play, it was Danny Amendola.

Now he’s gone, too. Amendola signed a five year contract with the New England Patriots. It hurts to see the Patriots, one of the best offensive teams in the NFL, sign a player the Rams deemed as “replaceable”. I think I trust New England’s opinion of offensive talent more than the Rams’. How will Jeff Fisher possibly replace the production of Amendola and Jackson?

In all likelyhood, he won’t be able to. Sure, the Rams will draft or a sign a free agent running back and a wide receiver, but what are the chances they find two players as good as Jackson and Amendola? I wouldn’t count on that. An offense already desperate for playmakers just lost their two best playmakers. 

There are salary cap ramifications that prevent the Rams from signing every free agent they want, or keeping the free agents they’ve had on their roster. Sam Bradford’s enormous contract has a lot to do with that. It remains to be seen whether Bradford ever lives up to his deal, or the expectations that come with being the first overall pick in the draft. It's going to be harder for him to do that now without his two best weapons. 

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