Parents raise concerns over St. Charles School District retireme -

Parents raise concerns over St. Charles School District retirement buyouts

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The thought of losing some of the most experienced educators in the district made some St. Charles parents a nervous Thursday.

The St. Charles School District plans to vote on a proposal to offer retirement buyouts for long-time teachers in the district as a way to combat budget shortages.

“That’s not neccessarily good as far as it goes for students because they’re having teachers with not as much experience,” said parent Karen Ede. Ede’s concern is shared by many parents in the district.

The fear is if the number of  expereicned teachers falls, the quality of education will drop with it.

“Even graduate work in education still doesn’t prepare you for real life classroom,” ___ said.

The deal offers early retirement incentives with lump sum payments if they leave at the end of next year.

The biggest payment would be $21,000 for teachers with 20 years in the district.

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Marion calls it a win-win for the district; rewarding the teachers and saving money. He says he’s not worried about losing them because the market for new teachers is strong.

The starting salary for teachers is about half of what the most experienced ones make, but many parents are unconvinced- especially those with high schoolers in advanced classes and college applications looming.

“Missouri I think needs to work on having students actually pass the AP exams,” said Ede. “You really need to have an experienced teacher for those kind of classes.”

This deal is negotiated by the St. Charles Education Association, which represents the teachers.

They voted on the terms after school Thursday and the board will vote at Thursday night’s meeting at 7:30.

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