Principal: Officer tickets local religious school bus while it's -

Principal: Officer tickets local religious school bus while it's being repaired

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- Grace Lutheran School Principal Eric Brofford said local police gave him a summons when he said he was trying to obey the law.

Brofford said Overland Police ticketed his school bus for expired plates while it was being repaired so it could pass inspection and receive new plates.

“I think it is unfair, you shouldn’t ticket someone who’s trying to follow the law,” said Brofford, “And doing what they’re supposed to do and give them a ticket for it.”

Brofford said he wants answers as to why his church bus was targeted for a ticket when it wasn’t even on the road. He said the bus needed repairs back in December, a good week before the plates on it expired.

“We were doing the right thing by having the bus inspected by not driving it,” Brofford explained, “until it got its plates renewed.”

But the big repair job took a little longer to fix at an Overland repair shop. While the bus was parked across the street at a burned out gas station, Overland Police wrote up a ticket.

Brofford said he can’t be definite, but believes this was a money grab by the department.

The owner of the repair shop, Richard Tyarks, said he knew what was going on.

“A customer just the other day got a car dropped off and the cop gave him an hour to move it,” said Tyarks, “or they were going to give him a ticket.”

Tyarks said he typically sees the police write at least one ticket a day on one of his customer’s cars, but he can’t do anything about it.

The Overland Police Chief said parking at the abandoned gas station is a problem, and he’s now looking into why the Grace Lutheran School received a ticket for trying to do the right thing.

Brofford said he did pay the $65 fine.



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