Neurologist warning about negative affects of ADHD medicines -

Neurologist warning about negative affects of ADHD medicines

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- The American Academy of Neurology has a warning about an alarming trend concerning ADHD drugs children are taking in order to boost their attention in school.

The United State’s leading neurologists said healthy children should not use memory enhancing drugs because their brains are still developing.

There are risks of becoming dependent on the drugs and over medicated.

Dr. Andrew Adesman of the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center said the right diagnosis is key to combating this problem.

Adesman said there could be underlying academic struggles including anxiety, depression and insomnia.

 “Recognizing first of all that many children who have attention problems or behavior problems don’t necessarily have ADHD,” said Adesman.

If a student is having trouble in school, doctors said parents should make sure their child is getting enough sleep, exercise and good nutrition

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