St. Louis Archdiocese reacts to election of Pope Francis -

St. Louis Archdiocese reacts to election of Pope Francis

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

The Archdiocese of St. Louis is celebrating the election of Pope Francis.

Archbishop Robert Carlson spoke from the Cardinal Rigali Center in South County around 3 p.m. Tuesday, getting teary-eyed as he described the moment he first heard the announcement.

Carlson watched the announcement with his staff, describing it as a very moving experience.

But he admitted that he was still holding out hope for St. Louis favorite and Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan.

Carlson also spoke about Pope Francis’ work ethic and love for the poor, mentioning the significance of his chosen name, as St. Francis was known to be a man of simplicity and peace.

“He rode the bus to work every day, he lived in a very simple room, he didn’t live in the bishops’ mansion,” said Carlson. “Those are outstanding characteristics for someone who has to serve the church in every corner of the world.”

The other important element for the Catholic community in St. Louis is the fact Francis is the first ever Jesuit pope.

Missouri’s Jesuit leader, Father Douglas Marcouiller, talked about what it means to have a Jesuit chosen to be the Holy Father.

“All the society of Jesus wants to do is serve the lord and the church and for one of our brothers to be called to this extraordinary service as pope is quite inspiring for us,” said Marcouiller.

When asked how Pope Francis will adjust to life at the Vatican, Archbishop Carlson said he hopes he likes pasta.



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