Multiple suspects accused of exchanging guns outside Normandy Hi -

Multiple suspects accused of exchanging guns outside Normandy High School

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( – Pagedale police arrested several suspects after they allegedly exchanged guns near a school Tuesday.

According to authorities, around 2:30 p.m.when school let out, a female picking up her child from Normandy High School noticed two black SUVs pull up alongside each other.

The witness said the individuals inside the vehicles exchanged weapons. She alerted a security guard who then called police.

Officers from Wellston were already on scene as part of their normal routine at the end of the school day. Assisted by Pagedale police, officers found the two SUVs, searched them and found a .357 magnum and a 9mm.

Police say four males were arrested by Wellston police. Three of the suspects are Normandy High School students.

Police call these students bold to do something like this in front of dozens of people. 

 "And we're gonna be bold enough to be right there to apprehend them and take them into custody-the school is a safe haven and it will remain a safe haven at all time," said Sargeant Marvin Berry of the Wellston police.

News 4 reached out several times to the school district for comment. Instead the Normandy School District released the following statement:


“Law enforcement officials, responding to the observations of a parent, seized two weapons from vehicles during dismissal at Normandy High School this afternoon. The parent observed what she thought to be firearms being exchanged by individuals on the school’s parking lot just after school was dismissed.


Law enforcement officials responded immediately, and four males were taken into custody. Three of the males were later confirmed to be Normandy High School students. The incident was settled without conflict, and at no time did a direct threat exist to any NSD students or staff. As is customary practice, campus administration will be informing parents of this unfortunate incident.


Understandably, a weapon on campus is a serious concern to all of us. Incidents with the potential to compromise the safety and security of students and staff are taken very seriously and are dealt with according to district policy. In the Normandy School District, we are committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students.”


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