More idiot and idols, with a guest appearance by Dennis Rodman -

More idiot and idols, with a guest appearance by Dennis Rodman

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( -- We so much want to believe in our heroes. We have made them larger than life, but unfortunately, they continue to show that they believe that they are above life, above rules and sometime incapable of good behavior. We have recently seen the downfall of Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius (and his brother and the lead investigator on the case), Tim Tebow who had to cancel a speech at a controversial Dallas church (which has criticized gays as well as Islamists, Jews, Catholics and Mormons) and California Coach Mike Montgomery who shoved a player during the game and then said “Worked, didn’t it?” in his defense. So here are some more Idiot Idols that have recently broken our trust as role models.

New Ambassador to North Korea--Dennis Rodman, Former Chicago Bull Star and All-Around Clown

By now we all know about Mr. Rodman’s inane comments about his friendship with Kim Jong Un and his entreaty to President Obama to call his new “buddy.” Rodman was on the talk-show circuit until his team realized how idiotic he sounded. Of course Rodman and Un got along…they are both madmen. Last week, after Rodman’s visit, Un threatened pre-emptive nuclear strikes in retaliation for recent UN sanctions that followed their latest nuclear test. Scary that Un can push a button and cause potential nuclear damage. Also scary, in a less threatening way, that Rodman can still push our buttons and make news.

It’s the NFL Off-Season, So Watch Out For Idle Players. Alfonzo Denard—Cornerback, New England Patriots and Da’Quan Bowers, Defensive End, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Idle time is not good for some football players. Mr. Denard was convicted a few weeks ago of assaulting a police officer, in an incident a year earlier in Lincoln, NE. Denard, the top cornerback in the Big 10 in 2012 at the University of Nebraska, hit one of the four policemen trying to subdue him after a fight. Now playing for the Patriots, he was originally projected to be a 2nd round draft pick, but fell to the 7th round after the assault as well as being ejected in his final college game for fighting with South Carolina’s Alshon Jeffrey. So not only did it cost him money, he now faces possible imprisonment. Mr. Bowers, in a separate incident was arrested at NYC’s LaGuardia Airport and charged with second degree criminal possession of a loaded weapon. Bowers supposedly did not go through security, but notified officials that he had the gun. Since the offense is the same one that Plaxico Burress was charged with and carries a minimum sentence of 3 ½ years, what could he have been thinking? USA Today has reported that “3 of every 4 NFL players own a gun”, so expect to see more of this upstanding behavior.

It’s Better in College, Right? Syracuse and Alabama

Two Syracuse University football players, Markus Pierce-Brewster and Davon Walls were charged last week with felony burglary and misdemeanor petit larceny for stealing electronics from an apartment with students asleep inside. They must have great footwork. The University of Alabama first suspended and then banned football players Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes and D.J. Pettway from campus for miscellaneous robberies. They have a great future ahead of them.

It’s Not Much Better When They Leave Campus….Criminals at the Combine

Alec Ogletree, a projected first round draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft from Georgia, was arrested before the NFL Combine for DUI. He had already been suspended for the first four games of last year’s college season for failing drug tests. Of course that won’t stop a team from taking him in the 1st round. And speaking about drug abuse, former LSU defensive star Tyrann Mathieu participated in the Combine after sitting out his final year in college for multiple drug offensives. ESPN commentators called him a good prospect, but said that a team will have to bring into play their security director, psychologist and drug advisor before selecting Mathieu. Who even knew teams had or needed these people in their front offices.

Do We Really Want Soccer to Succeed in the U.S.? Manchester United, Corinthians, Egypt and Hungary

How about that Manchester United fan who called the police to report a crime. Only problem was that the “crime” was a controversial red card that led to an expulsion of a player and a subsequent loss by the Premier League Club against Real Madrid, eliminating them from the Champions League competition. Libertadores Cup champion Corinthians Paulista from Sao Paulo will be now able to play in front of fans again after their 60-day fan ban was lifted. The ban came from the death of a 14-year-old Bolivian boy who was killed during a match by fireworks thrown in the stands. Not so for Egypt and Hungary. Egyptian Clubs must play to empty stadiums because of recent riots, while Hungary has to play a World Cup qualifier against Romania in March because anti-semitic fans abused the Israeli team in a “friendly”. Dutch fans have been guilty recently and historically of bigotry as have Italian fans. Wonder why they call these games “friendlies”.

It’s Baseball Season, But a Soccer Game Broke Out—Mexico vs. Canada

First there was the on-field melee at a Sacramento State and UC Riverside college baseball game last month where taunting and pushing led to punching and mauling. Now we have the World Baseball Classic, a great way to bring the world closer through sports, just like soccer. But that’s not what happened when Canada played Mexico. Canada, already leading 9-3, tried to score more runs because of the “run differential” rule, so the Mexican pitcher, in retaliation, began throwing at Canadian batters. After being warned by the umpire, the Mexican pitcher drilled the next Canadian batter in the back, and the worst brawl in international baseball history broke out. The fans got into the action throwing water bottles and baseballs at the Canadian players. Just the kind of international diplomacy Bud Selig was looking for. Just like soccer.

Speeding to Irrelevancy--U.S. Speedskating Association

It’s been a bad few years for U.S. Speedskating, with the organization in a state of disarray from misuse of funds, skate tampering, skaters forming their own organization and more. So maybe it is no surprise that Andy Gabel, chairman of the International Skating Union Short-Track Committee and member of U.S. Speedskating Hall of Fame and three-time Olympian, resigned after admitting sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old female skater when he was twice her age in the late 90’s. Since then, there has been a second allegation of sexual misconduct against Gabel from another former underage teammate. Another case when the athlete only realized he did something wrong when he got caught.

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