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Home invasion suspect crashes during bi-state police chase

(KMOV) – A home invasion suspect crashed in St. Charles County after leading officers from several different departments on a high-speed pursuit across the bi-state Tuesday morning.

Authorities said they responded to the scene of a home invasion in the 2800 block of Gerson Avenue in Godfrey, Ill. Upon their arrival, a woman said a former acquaintance broke into her home armed with a knife and attacked her. Deputies said he then choked and battered her.

The victim got away and fled to a neighbor’s home.

The suspect, later identified as 44-year-old Steven Roswell, followed the victim, and burst into the home behind her. Neighbor Jackson John said Roswell appeared to be in a daze. 

"He seemed to be out of it," he said. "I can’t speak to details as to why, but he didn’t seem like he had complete control of his faculties.”

John said after Roswell entered the house, he may have had a moment of clarity. 


“For just that instant you see, ‘oh, this is a mistake,’" John said. "And he turned and ran out.”


Roswell then fled the scene and got into a brown Chevy Silverado.

According to police, the pursuit started when officers in Madison County spotted the Silverado matching the description of one used in the home invasion.

"He left the home fleeing in a brown colored pick-up truck at that point deputies were arriving on scene and observed the vehicle drivng erratic from the residence," said Madison County Sheriff's Captain Mike Dixon. "They pursued the vehicle south towards the Clark Bridge."

Madison County officers lost track of Roswell after crossing the Clark Bridge. The vehicle was observed on northbound Highway 367 heading toward Alton at Lindbergh.

St. Louis County police officers picked up the pursuit at Highway 367 at Parker Road in north St. Louis County. Officers chased Roswell at a high rate of speed across Highway 367.

The suspect then turned at Highway 67 and 94, where he headed northbound in the southbound lanes of Highway 67.  According to police, officers involved in the pursuit stayed on the northbound side of Highway 67 during the chase. 

The chase ended in St. Charles County after a Highway Patrol trooper chasing Roswell witnessed the truck turn around and go the wrong way on the highway before slamming into a box truck trying to get out of his way.

The driver of the box truck was not hurt in the wreck. Roswell was taken to the hospital in serious condition.


John says the neighborhood is not usually scene to incidents like Roswell's attack, and he was taken off guard when the man burst into his home.

“It was a 14-inch chef’s knife, pretty intimidating." he said. "Apparently he cut a chunk off of her cell phone. I mean it was sharp.”


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