Creve Coeur discusses helping MoDOT in severe weather situations -

Creve Coeur discusses helping MoDOT in severe weather situations

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) -- The snowstorm that hit the St. Louis area Feb. 21 was so fast and furious that MoDOT crews had a hard time keeping up with. Now Creve Coeur is ready to jump in and help plow state-owned road.

About 13 miles of state-owned roadways run through Creve Coeur. And the snow storm a couple weeks ago turned Olive Rd. into one giant mess.

Jim Heines, the public works director for Creve Coeur, says the storm snarled traffic so badly on the road, plows couldn’t get through.

“It was extremely bad. We had issues on our main streets to where people that were trying to get home to get out of the way of the storm couldn’t make it so they’re stranded in the middle of the road,” said Heines.

At a city council meeting Monday night, Creve Coeur city officials will be told about a new policy where---in severe situations- city crews will plow the far right-hand lane of state-owned roads.

But it will only take place while the plows are going from one side street to another, or leaving the public works facility.

Heines says there will be no additional cost to the residents of Creve Coeur.

“The question is when we’re going to and from our routes do we leave the plows up or down?” Heines said. “In this case we’ll be putting our plows down to open the roadway.”

A MoDOT spokesperson says it’s never said municipalities were prevented from doing something like this. There’s just never been any sort of formal agreement or understanding in place.

The spokesperson says he doesn’t want people to think MoDOT’s not doing its job. The storm last month he says was “unique” in that the snow came down hard and heavy in a short period.

But they added if Creve Coeur wants to help, more power to it.


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