Deputies: Serial woman abuser accused of shooting ex-girlfriend in her crotch -

Deputies: Serial woman abuser accused of shooting ex-girlfriend in her crotch

HOUSTON --  A woman says she’s thankful to be alive after she was shot in her crotch by her ex-boyfriend. 

The shooting happened on Feb. 21 inside Vivian Nelson’s apartment on Wunderlich Drive in north Houston, deputies said.

As her ex-boyfriend Marcus Green, 24, faced a judge in court Thursday, Nelson said she can’t understand why it happened.

“I said, ‘why did you shoot me? Why did you shoot me?'” Nelson said.

She has 120 staples in her stomach and a bullet still lodged in her body.

Green was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault and felony possession of a weapon.  

Nelson said the day of the shooting remains very vivid in her mind.

First she heard a knock at the door.

“I just started hearing kicking, kicking at the door,” she said.

Then he entered her apartment.  

“As soon as he knocked me back down, he sat here, as soon as he sat here … all I remember is his hands going up this way,” she said raising her hands above her head.

“And something going just like this,” she said as she lowered her arms down toward her pelvic area. “And as soon as I felt it right there it just ‘boom!’ And he shot me,” she said.

Nelson still has a hard time breathing, walking and doing anything on her own. She said she is afraid she will have further complications in her near future.

“I’m still trying to understand, what did I do? What did I do? You know me and you were not in a relationship,” she said in reference to Green.

Deputies said Green is a serial abuser of women, and frequently targeted the ones he has dated. He was on the run for 12 days, investigators said. The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force found him hiding out at a home on Imperial Valley.  His prior convictions include beating one woman, setting fire to another woman’s car and trying to burglarize a third woman’s home.

“He never told me that he had a real problem with women,” Nelson said.

Nelson said she just hopes Green gets help and that he never hurts another woman.

“I’m a victim, but I look at it more victorious because God gave me a second chance,” said Nelson.

Green was being held without bond.


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