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86-Year-old great, great grandmother facing felony charge

ST. PETER, Mn (WCCO) - An 86-year-old great, great grandmother, with Parkinson's disease and frequent memory loss, is facing up to five years in prison after being charged with a felony.

Margaret Schneider's crime --  she says she simply forgot she had voted absentee when she voted again at the polling place in St. Peter, Minnesota.

The great great grandmother says when she voted last August, she forgot that four weeks earlier she had cast an absentee ballot. The election judge failed to see that Schneider had already voted.

The Nicollet County Attorney had to go back to the 1800s to find precendent in this case. That was the last time someone in Minnesota was prosecuted for voting twice.Currently, that law is being reviewed by the legislature. Legal experts say that the law requires intent, and as Schneider has said she simply forgot she already voted.

Schneider's court date is currently scheduled for April 2. She plans on representing herself.

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