Government mistake keeps veteran, minister from purchasing gun -

Government mistake keeps veteran, minister from purchasing gun

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- False information in government computers has kept a man who is a veteran, former police officer and church minister from purchasing a hand gun.

Minister Carl Rhodes, a Vietnam veteran, said he was denied a gun permit in Illinois and the state police told him his background check said he was committed to a mental institution.

“The scary past is how can this happen?” asked Rhodes, “Somebody sits at a computer, puts this info in and defames me. And I have no recourse.”

Rhodes said the state police also told him the FBI system showed he had been marked as Adjudicated Mental Defective.

Rhodes said he didn’t know what was happening. He said he had a clean record from the time he jumped out of airplanes for the Army to now as he is the minister of his own church in Vandalia, Il.

Rhodes said his frustration grew after he talked to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the FBI.

“VA points the finger at the FBI,” explained Rhodes, “The VA says there is nothing in your file indicating that so the FBI says they’re the ones that reported it. And the VA says we couldn’t have reported it because it’s not in the file.”

Rhodes said this cycle went on for two months, until Thursday and Rhodes’ record suddenly came back clean.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said they are looking into what went wrong, but Rhodes said he doesn’t believe he will ever get a straight answer.

“I’m not an activist,” Rhodes said, “I’m not even a member of the NRA, but I’m soon going to be.”


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