New Volkswagen claimed to get 261 MPG -

New Volkswagen claimed to get 261 MPG

Volkswagen is coming out with a new hybrid car that the company claims would get the equivalent of 261 miles per gallon.

Considering that the fuel-efficient Toyota Prius gets around 50 mpg, this is a significant development.

But it doesn't mean that VW's XL1 will get you across the country without stopping.

Between battery and diesel power, Volkswagen says it'll travel about 310 miles total before a fill-up. That's about 90 miles less than your average sedan on a full tank of gas.

But the XL1's tank only needs about 2.6 gallons of diesel fuel, so your wallet will only be about $11 lighter when you drive away from the gas station.

The XL1 is incredibly aerodynamic -- significantly more so than a Chevy Corvette, for example -- and it certainly looks futuristic.

But it's not fast.

It'll take over 12 seconds to get you from zero to 60, and it's top speed will be about 100 mph (though, of course, none of us would ever drive that fast).

The XL1 is also not expected to be inexpensive, and it may not even be available in the U.S.

But Europeans who want fuel mileage bragging rights (and who can still afford the car) may have something to boast about.

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