St. Louis County mother says 1-year-old got lead poisoning in go -

St. Louis County mother says 1-year-old got lead poisoning in government housing

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) -- A St. Louis County mother is struggling to find a place for her family after her 1-year-old son contracted lead poisoning.

Ashley Hoskins says she uses government assistance to pay for housing. But she says her home is contaminated with dangerous levels of lead and she’s not being given the funding to find a new home.

The St. Louis County Health Department tested the family’s home for lead and found it all over the house.  Tests from the doctor are showing her son, Jedidiah’s, lead levels have jumped.

Dangerous amounts of lead were found on the houses doors and windows.

Lead is an element that has to be ingested to do any harm and can be found in old paint and home materials that can flake over time and get in the air.

Hoskins is so worried about the health of her son, she’s moved him to his grandma’s.

“The highest levels were found on the window right above his bed, and that’s the really scary part,” said Hoskins.

For Hoskins and her family to get a new place to stay, they need a voucher from the local housing authority.

The housing authority is well aware of Hoskin’s situation. They say there is nothing they can do for the family for another month.

For now, Hoskins has done all she can for her family.

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