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Local woman seeks answers after apartment building foreclosed on

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

A local woman has been trying to find out for months who owns her apartment building, and why they keep telling her she owes more rent.

Tia Brown lives in a grand old building on N. Kingshighway.

Only things aren’t so grand anymore. The ceiling is falling and there is often no hot water.

Even worse? She has no idea who she’s paying rent to.

Brown says she got a letter in the door dated Nov. 20, 2012.

“Says this is to inform everyone, this company, Cohen-Esrey, will be over the building,” she said.

The company mentioned is Cohen-Esrey Real Estate Services of Overland Park, Kansas.

Brown thought that company was the new owner. But then she started getting notices of back rent and late fees, even though she had all of her receipts.

But she could never get through to the new owners and local office managers were no help.

“I’m asking, ‘who is the owners?’ They won’t tell you, they say they don’t know who the owner is, just all you do is pay us your rent money,” Brown said.

News 4 went to the local office. Employees there said to call corporate, which reporter Mike Colombo already tried.

For four weeks, News 4 called and left messages to no avail.

Finally, a manager with Cohen-Esrey called back.

It  turns out Brown’s apartment building was foreclosed on last fall and is now owned by the bank.

The bank hired Cohen-Esrey to manage it. An officer with the company says the notices about late fees were a computer mix-up.

As for the problems with Brown’s roof, they’ve already hired a contractor to fix it.



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