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Missouri Senator's Facebook post on mayor candidates sparks controversy

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By Klutsarits, Timothy By Klutsarits, Timothy

(KMOV) – Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-5th District) sparked a bit of controversy for a Facebook post she made Tuesday morning.

Nasheed posted “If you don’t like Slay because he is white- vote for Jimmie Matthews because Reed is no different.

Matthews, like Slay’s main opponent Lewis Reed, is black.

Nasheed took the post down, but she says she posts and deletes all the time.

Nasheed is a slay supporter. She says she wasn’t playing the race card, but if people aren’t voting for Slay simply because he’s white, they should vote for Matthews because, politically speaking, she says Reed and Slay are very similar.

So why did she bring race up?

“The conversation was being had by others with me, that’s why I brought it up,” Nasheed says. “Individuals was texting me saying I’m supporting a white man over a black man. I said, ‘look, if you have a problem with whom I’m supporting, then you can go support Jimmie Matthews.”

On the busy primary Tuesday, Reed’s campaign manager said the candidate wasn’t available to talk with News 4, but said the Slay campaign has gotten “extremely desperate over the past couple weeks.”

“It shows how confused their messaging is,” said Reed’s campaign manager, Glenn Burleigh. “On one hand she’s telling everybody to vote for Slay because he’s the better person, then in this tweet she’s saying ‘don’t vote for Lewis Reed because he’s just like Slay, who she says is the best candidate.”

Nasheed says she might have articulated her thoughts a bit better.

“I would have said the same thing I said to you, Reed has been in lockstep with the mayor the 12 years he’s been in office, and if you have a problem with the mayor then you got a problem with Reed, then your only choice is to go with Jimmie Matthews, that’s what I would’ve said.”


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