Tech Check: New app 'Koozoo' turns your smartphone into a webcam -

Tech Check: New app 'Koozoo' turns your smartphone into a webcam

HOUSTON -- A new app that turns smartphones into webcams is a social network where users share live video on a map.

Koozoo was launched last week, so right now it only works in a few cities, including Austin, but it’s makers say it will quickly expand.

You download the Koozoo app to your iPhone or Android device, and it turns it into a live streaming webcam. Anyone on Koozoo can view the cam, whether it’s pointed at the park near your house or the intersection near your office. The idea is, users are supposed to share enough views of the public that one day the network can be used to check in on traffic, weather, etc. anywhere on a map.

It’s a pretty bold goal.

At the very least it’s a neat idea. Koozoo will even give you a mounting kit to use so you can set your smartphone anywhere.

If you have an old smartphone sitting around that you don’t mind leaving behind at the house, give it a try. It’ll even work on the old iPhone 3G.

Koozoo isn’t the only app that turns your phone into a webcam. There are a few other apps/services that can do the same thing on a more private level, should you want to monitor the inside of your house for instance.

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