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East St. Louis officials investigating security procedures after teen shot at club

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV.com) -- Police are investigating the weekend shootings of two 16-year-olds over the weekend at two different night clubs.

A female victim was shot in the stomach inside a Metro East club and a male was shot in both his legs outside a downtown St. Louis club.

In the Metro East incident, officials are investigating a potential security breach. 

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks the security team at Club Rolex should be held responsible for the 16-year-old female getting shot.

Police say the victim was celebrating a friends 17th birthday at the club she was shot in the stomach Saturday.

The gunshots followed an altercation at the club, and authorities say the victim wasn’t involved.

“They didnt shoot who they were in a fight with they got in and started shooting and shooting whoever in the way and now we have an innocent victim of the situation,” said Parks.

Police say a group of twenty-somethings got into a fight and were kicked out but managed to get back in to the club after one of five security guards stepped away from his post.

“I feel like the outside security guard not being there, the club dropped the ball,” Parks added.

Following the lates incident, East St. Louis leaders are considering shutting club rolex down.

“We’ve always had problems [with Club Rolex],” said Police Chief Michael Floore. “It goes to show you these are trying times and we have to do more.”

City leaders are also holding the parents of the victim responsible. In 2012, the city implemented a curfew for kids under 17. It sates after 10:00 they must be with their parents. The victim in the Club Rolex shooting was not.

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