VIDEO: The improbable high school buzzer beater everyone's talki -

VIDEO: The improbable high school buzzer beater everyone's talking about

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These youths and their crazy ways. We've seemingly seen more buzzer beaters from rec leagues, grade school tournaments, middle school brackets and high school playoffs this winter than any other year ever.

That's what video capabilities on cellphones will do for you.

But I do believe this buzzer-beating victory for New Rochelle (N.Y.) High School will go down as the king of all last-second wins, no matter the level of play, for 2013. Consider the background: New Rochelle was behind by 10 points with less than three minutes to go to Mount Vernon. Then, Khalil Edney instinctively heaved the ball at the goal from 60 feet away after an inexplicable brainlock of a pass/shot/I don't know from a Mount Vernon player fell into Edney's hands.

He barely got it off in time. It was initially ruled no good. Barstool Sports has the screengrabs of just how close this was. Give that kid and his team the victory. They did. The ref got animated with it even, signaled the shot was good, then ran off the court as the already-going-celebration heightened. Madness at any level is madness all the same, and always embraced here.

God bless basketball.

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